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35 Million electron volt betatron, manufactured by Siemens, was purchased through the initiative of Professor Brian Spicer (then Director of Nuclear Physics Research, SoP) in 1962. It became the basis of a large research program of photonuclear physics research finally coming to completion in 1986. Of the two “magnets”, the one for external electron beam was scrapped, the other “reprocessed” in the SoP workshop during 2003. This involved the removal of most of the iron laminations to reduce the wieght, and which were replaced by wood to simulate the magnet “yoke” ; glamorised with colour to highlight the coils etc. At the time of writing it is proposed to locate it on the south-east corner of the Physics Podium.

Three Dimensional Object (requires Quicktime): 336-1.obj

Betatron Installation

The Photograph shows a Seimens technician George Hertel installing the Betatron. circa 1960.

Country of manufacture: Germany

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