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Wooden rectangular abacus with 13 rods. Each rod is divided by a wooden bar. On top part of the rod are 2 wooden discs, on the bottom part are 5 wooden discs. For operation details see Cat. no 87


The “Standard Desk Calcumeter” consisting of metal rectangular body with six dials and a reset button. Two legs are used to stand Calcumeter at a convenient angle for manipulation.

Country of manufacture: U.S.A.

Slide rule, “Loga” circular with case

“Loga” circular slide rule with round zipped maroon brown leather case. 87.1 = slide rule. 87.2 = leather case.

Country of manufacture: Switzerland

Book, Instruction

Red covered stapled small paperback book on the Abacus. Relevent to the ABACUS cat. no. 85

Slide Rule, linear Aristo

Aristo-Scholar VS-2 linear slide rule

Country of manufacture: Germany

Slide Rule, linear Aristo (EGM)

ARISTO STUDIOLOG ARISTO 0969 linear slide rule (see below in “history of object”

Country of manufacture: Germany

Slide Rule, linear “W&G”

Linear slide rule made of wood with glass slide encased in metal.

Country of manufacture: Australia

Slide Rule, cylindrical / “FullerCalculator”

“FULLER CALCULATOR” : a wooden cylindrical slide rule(92.1) with spiral logarithmic scale 500 inches long. and specially made rectangular box (92.2) and pamphlet (92.3).

Three Dimensional Object (requires Quicktime): 92-1.obj

Country of manufacture: England

Slide rule, Faber-Castell

White Castell rectangular slide rule (270.1) stored in clear plastic Faber Castell case (270.2).

Country of manufacture: Germany

Slide rule , Castell

Plastic white rectangular Castell slide rule (271.1) stored in green lined rectangular case (271.2).

White & Gillespie Slide Rule

White & Gillespie “Dualface” comprehesive slide rule Model 432 In original cloth covered case

Country of manufacture: Australia

“MULTO” (Brunsviga)

ODHNER/BRUNSVIGA TYPE keys: 10 x 8 x 13 [donated by Jack McDonell (6 Mar 1997) who salvaged it when being discarded from UniMelb Physics III Labs in the 1950s. same as 289/M13

History of object: See CALCULATING BEFORE THE CHIP : AN AUSTRALIAN PERSPECTIVE Part II Bert C Bolton & Nicola Williams: The Physicist vol 36no1 Jan/Feb 1999 pp 20-26

Country of manufacture: Germany?

“MULTO” (Brunsviga)

ODHNER/BRUNSVIGA TYPE MULTO model 13or 113 keys: 10 x 8 x 13 same as F288/M1

Brunsviga Double

Double machine, each half similar to M1. keys: 10x8 :10x8

Country of manufacture: Germany

TRINKS - Triplex

A Brunsviga twin-system with keys 10x10x20 and 12x20.

Country of manufacture: Germany


S.C.M. HAMANN Mechanical Type 505 Ser. no. 501354 Donated by Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research keys: 9 x 8 x 16 ELECTRICAL!

Country of manufacture: Germany

MILLIONAIRE (Ticket no 13) 10 keys

Sheet of operating instructions which mentions that O. Steiger is the Patentee. On separate stand about 600mms high Plaque: ‘Sole Agents for Australia / Peacock Bros. PtyLtd / Business Systems / Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth’

Country of manufacture: Switzerland

MILLIONAIRE (#2) 10 keys

Plaque: ‘Hans W Egli/Ingenieur / Fabrikation von flechenmashinen [sic; ?] / Pat. O, Steiger / Zurich II / No 2566. Sole Agents for Australia / Peacock Bros./ Business Systems Company / 558 , 560, 562 Collins St., Melbourne / and at / Sydney, Adelaide, Perth’ Plaque: ‘Presented to . / Department of Information Science / Melbourne University / by the / Gas & Fuel Corporation of Victoria / This calculating machine was used by Engineers of the Metropolitan Gas Co and Gas & Fuel Corporation / from 1917 to 1970’

Country of manufacture: Switzerland

FACIT Mechanical Model C1-13

Plaque: Made by Atvidaberg - FACIT / Sweden keys: 8 x 13 x 13

Country of manufacture: Sweden

FACIT mechanical

KEYS: 13 x 8 x 13

FACIT Mechanical

keys: 16 x 9 x 16 Plaque: ‘Sydney Pincombe Pty Ltd, Sole Australian Agents Made by ....FACIT/ Sweden/ same as M11

FACIT Mechanical

Keys: 10 x 19 x 10 Plaque: Made by Aktiebolaget FACIT/ ATVIDABERG / SWEDEN’ Black enamel, painted “V”; good working ordeer

FACIT Mechanical ModelCM 2-16

Keys: 16 x 9 x 16 ( A note states: ‘Possibly Model No LX (1945) See Sabielmy’s book (1939) Plaque: (See 297/M9 ....Sydney Pincombe ...)

MERCEDES-EUKLID [Arithmometer] Model 22

Keys: 13 x 16

ARCHIMEDES Model LL-K (electrical)

Keys: 10 x 11 x 20 ELECTRICAL!

Country of manufacture: England

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