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Photograph of the general view of the statitron. The accelerating tube is encircled by corona rings.

Country of manufacture: Australia

Statitron Generating Voltmeter

The Voltmeter consists of a six bladed aluminium paddle wheel, 4 inches in diameter. The wheel rotates in a plane about 0.1 inch in front of 12 insulated aluminium sector shaped plates. The motor speed was about 2800 r.p.m., the alternating voltage induced on each sector has frequency of 280c.p.s each sector being 180 degrees out of phase with its neighbour. (reprinted from MSc Thesis of James G Campbell Feb 1951)

Statitron Analysing Magnet

The Statitron beam was analysed by a ninety degree annular magnetic spectrograph.The magnet had a radius of curvature of 30cm. The winding consisted of 30 layers of 15 B&S enamelled copper wire, about 4000 turns in all and could carry a current of 5 amperes.

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