Galaxies & Intergalactic Metals at the Conclusion of Reionization  [slides]

David Caro building, Level 7 conference room


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Hannah Middleton
Bradley Greig

  • Dr. Emma Ryan Weber
    Dr. Emma Ryan Weber, Associate Professor
    Swinburne University

    Email: eryanweber[at]


The high redshift Intergalactic medium - including its metal content - sets the initial conditions from which modern galaxies form and evolve. I will present work on the relationship between galaxies and metals seen in absorption towards higher redshift quasars. The relationship is investigated in two ways: globally and with individual galaxy-absorber pairs. We find that the Dr.op in the cosmic mass density of triply ionized Carbon, Omega(CIV), to redshift 5.5 cannot solely be explained by a decrease in the mean metallicty of the Universe over a short period of time. An additional change in the ionizing Background is required, in line with findings of increased neutrality of hyDr.ogen at the same redshift. Our analysis of galaxy-absorber pairs finds that low luminosity galaxies close to the quasar line of sight are the most likely source of metal absorbers at these redshifts.

Galaxies & Intergalactic Metals at the Conclusion of Reionization