New eyes on Mars: The Physics of the Pathfinder Mission


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New eyes on Mars: The Physics of the Pathfinder Mission

Some facts about Mars...

Technical data

Technical data, continued

Pre-20C Mars Maps

Enigmatic Mars?

Real Mars Landscapes: Giant volcanoes

…ancient water

…canyons, craters and ice caps.

South pole ice cap

Mars - 3.5 Billion BC?

Mars - 3.5 Billion BC!


Atmosphere & water leak into space

History of Search for Life on Mars

Any Life Now? - No . . . . or Yes?

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The Mars Pathfinder Mission

Mission aims

Launch December 4 1996 Cape Canaveral

Express delivery Mars, July 4 1997

Real signs of civilized life on Mars

Bouncy landing

Landing Site

Pathfinder Lander and Sojourner

Main experiments

Very cool on the way down

Ready for action

Ramp deployment and descent of Sojourner

Off to work! Lots of rocks on ancient flood plain

The Mother ship

Sojourner rover

APXS deployment

APX spectrometer head

Analysis Modes

PIXE - Particle Induced X-ray Emission


Every element a unique x-ray energy

FeS2 (Pyrite) with other elements...

Spectra from Mars: Ancient iron-rich crust

Backscattering spectrometry

Nuclear reactions

Analysis Modes

Head components

X-ray detector

Excellent off-road performance!

Rover roamings

Ferromagnetic dust on Mars

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Cloudy days

Sunset on Mars

Conclusion: Main findings

What Next?

What Next?


Author: David N. Jamieson


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