Beam rocking on MP2 from March 1999

By Jacinta den Besten and David N. Jamieson

These beam rocking images were obtained with MP2 using two pre-lens scan coils and a 3 MeV H beam.

Experimental patterns:

Grid scan in full beam rocking mode. What does it mean? The beam spot appeared to be tracing a square on the sample.

Ni in the 100 direction

Ni in the 100 direction, maximum possble scan (note vignetting caused by beam hitting beam tube). Scan size was +/- 0.9 degrees.

So we can do it for 100 Si as well. Scan size was +/-0.45 degrees.

And for tiny amounts of epi-SiGe on the surface of the previous Si crystal. Same maximum scan size as before.

And indeed hexagonal crystals like sapphire work just fine too.

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