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World Year of Physics at the University of Melbourne

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What is 2005 all about?

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William Sutherland

Who was he and why is
he important in 2005?

   Einstein and WYOP 2005
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For Schools

Some Suggestions for Events and Competitions
to mark the International Year of Physics in 2005


Build a physics demonstration from items found around the home
Target: Secondary students
The aim of the competition is to demonstrate to a non-scientist an application or fundamental principle of physics using only items that could be found in a typical home. Based on an IOP physics paperclip competition, see http://education.iop.org/Schools/suptstu/paperclip.html

A national and state version of the International Young Physicists' Tournament but for Year 10 and/or Year 11
Target: Secondary Students, although a tertiary version should be possible

Competition for Year 11 students based on VCE Unit 2 Investigations for the Detailed Studies: Aerospace and Alternative Energy (Victorian based)
Target: Year 11 students

Team based problem solving (internet based, a la programming competitions)
Target: Senior secondary students
Teams tackle a set of problems within a set time with only access to books. Problems are emailed to registered participants, with written answers emailed back by a specified time. Possible problems could include explanation questions (Explain to a year 11 student why a truck may topple when cornering), algebraic manipulation (tethered satellites, space ladder) Estimation (Mass of the atmosphere)

Photographic competition (a la AAPT & IOP) also consider video
Target: Many levels from junior secondary to tertiary

Roller coaster building contest (a la AAPT)
Target: Junior to senior secondary students
A team of students build a roller coaster with non-commercial materials to fit in a specified area and volume. Designs are judged on the time for a ball-bearing or marble with diameter 1 cm or greater to complete the trip and also on aesthetic aspects such as the number of loops and thrill-seeking aspects.

Writing and Public Speaking Competition
Target: Junior and senior secondary students
One or more scenarios are set up ( a la ethical dilemmas in genetics, but with a physics focus, such as 'Plan a trip to Mars") Essays are submitted and the writers of the best entries are asked to make a public 5 - 10 minute oral presentation, supported with graphics or powerpoint, etc., which may or may not be judged.

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