we have encrypted your files with Crypt0L0cker virus
Your important files (including those on the network disks, USB, etc): photos, videos, documents, etc. were encrypted with our Crypt0L0cker virus. The only way to get your files back is to pay us. Otherwise, your files will be lost.

Caution: Removing of Crypt0L0cker will not restore access to your encrypted files.
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Frequently Asked Questions

[-] What happened to my files?

Understanding the issue

Your important files: photos, videos, documents etc. were encrypted with our Crypt0L0cker virus. This virus uses very strong encryption algorithm - RSA-2048. Breaking of RSA-2048 encryption algorithm is impossible without special decryption key.
[-] How can I get my files back?

The only way to restore your files

Your files are now unusable and unreadable, you can verify it by trying to open them. The only way to restore them to a normal condition is to use our special decryption software. You can buy this decryption software on our website.
[-] What should I do next?

Buy decryption

You should visit our website and buy decryption for your PC.
[-] I can not access to your website, what should I do?

Accessing website using mirrors

Our website should be accessible from one of these links:
http://gumuj7unxtiai2a3.onion/j3r6wb9.php?user_code=10c55f0&user_pass=7196 (using TOR browser)

If for any reasons these addresses are not available, please follow the steps or read the manual

1. Download and install TOR-browser: http://www.torproject.org/projects/torbrowser.html.en
2. After a successful installation, run the browser and wait for initialization.
3. Type in the address bar: http://gumuj7unxtiai2a3.onion/j3r6wb9.php?user_code=10c55f0&user_pass=7196
4. Access to our website

Also you can contact us via email: decrypthelp@mail333.com