Current members:

Dr. Rachael Livermore (ARC DECRA Fellow)

Dr. Benedetta Vulcani (ARC DECRA Fellow)

Robert Mearns, M.Eng. (SkyHopper Systems Engineer)

Stephanie Bernard (PhD student)

Alex Cameron (PhD student)

Daniela Carrasco (PhD student)

Ruggero De Vita (PhD student)

Keven Ren (PhD student)

Former members:

Dr. Simon Mutch (2017; ASTRO-3D level B researcher at UoM)

Robert Barone Nugent (PhD UoM 2015; data scientist)

Ricardo D'Amico (MSc UoM 2017)

Cameron Van Der Velden (MSc UoM 2017)


Postdoc position on First Galaxies:

Deadline for application January 21, 2018 (ASTRO-3D funded; 3 yr)

Postdoctoral fellowships:

If you are interested in applying for a McKenzie or DECRA Fellowship in my group, I'll be happy to discuss the application process and to advise competitive candidates on the preparation of a strong proposal.

PhD and MSc students:

I am always pleased to discuss opportunities to join my group with bright and motivated students keen to tackle challenging problems. The University of Melbourne offers several opportunities for national and international scholarships, and all PhD students in my group benefit from these schemes.