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The Microanalytical Research Centre Commercial Organisation:


MARCO exists to serve the needs of the ion beam analysis research community who utilise focused beams of MeV ions to perform high-resolution analysis and imaging.  The technique is known as Nuclear Microscopy. 

MARCO produces a range of products for Nuclear microscopy.  These products range from advanced magnetic lenses for focusing fine probes to complete nuclear microprobe systems. 

MARCO products are based on the Standard Nuclear Microprobe system in use at the Microanalytical Research Centre within the School of Physics at the University of Melbourne. 

Recent customers have included the University of Leipzig, the University of Freiburg and the CSIRO Division of Exploration and Mining.  MARCO products are in use worldwide. 

MARCO is directed by Prof. David N. Jamieson with Roland Szymanski as the Chief Engineer. MARCO is managed by a committee comprised of representatives from the manager of the School of Physics and the University of Melbourne. 

If you are looking for a map of how to find us, click here.

* A list of MARCO products with part numbers


* A schematic diagram of the major components of a MARCO nuclear microprobe (Standard System)


* A table of some of the analytical techniques possible with the MARCO standard system


* A table of the technical specification of the MARCO standard system


* A presentation on the specifications and illustrations of MARCO products (requires PDF viewer). Covers much of the same information as in the above pages in a convenient package. Presentation size: 2MB


(A smaller black and white version 380kB)


* Worldmap showing MARCO installations.
* See Chris Ryan's web site at the CSIRO for some spectacular examples of what is possible with the new joint CSIRO/MARCO quadrupole quintuplet nuclear microprobe system."


For more information please contact: 
Prof. David N. Jamieson 
Microanalytical Research Centre 
School of Physocs 
University of Melbourne 
Parkville 3010 
ph: + 61 3 8344 5375/45454 
fax: + 61 3 9347 4783 

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