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July Lectures in Physics

Lectures aimed at providing insights into fundamental questions in Physics

By Prof. David N. Jamieson

Click here for the 2000 Physics Gymnasium lecture slides (PDF format, 500 kB).

The July Lectures in Physics have had a long history. Since 1968 a huge range of topics have been presented to the public. Here is a list.

My involvement started in 1990.

(Click on year to download postscipt file of lecture text)

1990: Why do magnetic forces depend on who measures them?

1991: Light in focus - 600 million years of progress

1992: The PC as a window on the cosmos (You can also view text)

1993: Microscopy with protons - New ways of seeing

1994: The new superconductors - A new industrial revolution?

1995: Light without heat - Luminescence in Moonlight, video screens and other stories (You can also view text)

1996: Cosmic Rays - A hazard for aviation? (You can also view text, or view the slide show )

1997: Einstein and the Jumbo jet - The global positioning system (You can also view text , or view the slide show )

1998: New eyes on Mars: The physics of the Pathfinder mission (You can view the slide show )

1999: All Four Engines Out: Volcanic Ash, St Elmo's Fire, Aircraft and Electrostatics (You can view the slide show )

2000: The promise of the quantum computer: New beads on the abacus.

In early 2001 this lecture was also presented to a Monash University Computer Science Symposium.

2001: Out of Africa - A 2 billion year old nuclear reactor (part of a series on the 100th anniversary of Enrico Fermi)

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