Theoretical Quantum Computing

Quantum Device Modeling Program


Collaborating Researchers

Program Manager:

Assoc. Prof. Lloyd C.L. Hollenberg


The device modelling program encompasses a number of theoretical research areas linking fundamental quantum information theory with experimentally realisable devices based on quantum donor structures in the solid-state.

Research Topics:

Algorithm implementation, quantum error correction, architecure design

Modelling of buried donor based qubit systems, and their control

Simulation of single and coupled qubit gate operations

Decoherence and fidelity of gate operations

Modeling of single electron transistor operation in readout processes

TCAD simulations of control structures coupled to the quantum description of qubit systems

Quantum Cellular Automata using buried dopant atoms in silicon

Device modelling: TCAD gate structures, computation of qubit exchange coupling and sensitivity to donor placement and gate bias, effective P-donor potentials determined from large-scale atomistic calculations.

Quantum algorithm implementation & simulations: quantum error correction threshold on linear nearest neighbour qubit arrays with environmental errors. Simulations are also carried out on complex algorithms such as Shor's factoring algorithm

Large basis computation of the donor electron wave function: Coulombic potential ((001) plane), including central-cell correction showing the reduction of the effective Bohr radius, comparison of omputed donor level spectrum with experiment

Staff Listings

Assoc. Prof. Lloyd Hollenberg

Dr. Cameron Wellard

Dr. Andrew Greentree

Dr. H.-S. Goan

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Recent Publications


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Recent Presentations


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Computer System

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Research Students


Joo Chew Ang (PhD, UM)

Jared Cole (PhD, UM)

Vincent Conrad (PhD, UM)

Simon Devitt (PhD, UM)

Austin Fowler (PhD, UM)

Charles Hill (PhD, UQ)

Gajendran Kandasamy (PhD, UM)

Louise Kettle (PhD, UQ)

Tim Starling (PhD, UM)

Matt Testolin (PhD, UM)

Ben Carr (BE, UM)

David Bankier (BE, UM)


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Collaborating Researchers


University of Melbourne:

Dr Chris Pakes, A/Prof David Jamieson, Prof Steven Prawer

University of Queensland:

Prof Gerard Milburn, A/Prof Sean Smith

University of New South Wales:

A/Prof Alex Hamilton, Prof. Michelle Simmons, A/Prof Andrew Dzurak, Prof Robert Clark


Dr. Wayne Hutchison

University of Southern California:

Dr Todd Brun

RMIT University:

A/Prof Salvy Russo

University of Barcelona:

Dr. Roman Orus

Department of Defense:

Mr Wayne Haig


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