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Version 1.03 - 24 July 2020
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For more details, you may also be interested in reading our paper Trenti & Stiavelli (2008).
Please refer to it in case you find the CosmicVarianceCalculator useful for your research.

Survey parameters

Area of the Survey in arcmin, X=: arcmin, Y=: arcmin
Mean redshift: Redshift interval:

Catalog parameters

Intrinsic number of objects:
Halo filling factor:

Cosmological parameters

Flat universe
Omega Lambda = 0.74
Omega Matter = 0.26
Hubble constant = 70km/s/Mpc
Spectral index ns=1
Bias: Sheth-Tormen Press-Schechter

Note that in v1.03 the cosmology is fixed due to a precomputation of the two point correlation function for dark matter. We are working on porting the code to astropy for greater flexibility. Stay tuned. Requests for different cosmologies can be sent to Michele.

Written by M. Trenti & M. Stiavelli (2008) with support from NASA JWST grant NAG5-12458.

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