About me


My name is Chuanwu Liu, I was born and raised in Heilongjiang province, China, where has nice summers but long frozen winters. I spent my first 20 years in my home town until I have finished my high school study in 2004.

When I was young, I was amazed by the beauty of Physics and Math. So I decided to study Physics and I went to Lanzhou University in 2004. At the university, I was particularly interested in the field of Astrophysics. Therefore, in 2009, I went to the Department of Astronomy, and The Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics (KIAA) of Peking University. I worked there with Prof. Rainer Spurzem and Dr. Thijs Kouwenhoven on dynamics and simulations of stellar systems, particularly binary stars and globular star clusters.

After I finished Masters, I came to The University of Melbourne as a PhD student in 2013. In August 2017, I have officially completed my PhD study.



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Computer Skills

Linux Shell Scripting, Fortran, C/C++, Python, R, HTML, CSS, SQL, IDL, Latex



Native in Chinese and fluent in English.


A full verion CV can be seen [here]