Professor Rachel Webster has collaborated with dozens of researchers from around the world.
She has co-authored 300+ papers and supervised 30+ graduate students.

Astrophysics Group Alumni

Jennifer Riding Investigating Efficient Methods to Produce Reliable and Reproduceable data from the Murchison Widefield Array – PhD candidate
Clare Kenyon Quasar broad emission line regions – PhD candidate
Stephanie Bernard Galaxies and supernovae at cosmic dawn – PhD candidate
Developing a method to find the first stars using orphan supernovae – MSc Thesis, 2014
Sinem Ozbilgen The Tully-Fisher Relationship for spiral galaxies – PhD candidate
Is there a third parameter in the Tully-Fisher relation – MSc Thesis, 2013
Daniel Neri-Larios Probing AGN accretion through microlensing – PhD candidate
Suk Yee Yong TBD – PhD candidate
Quasar disk wind models and emission line profiles – MSc Thesis
James Paynter TBD – MSc candidate
Wei Jeat Hon TBD – MSc candidate
Dominic Mandonca TBD – MSc candidate
Tristan Reynolds Using the five-hundred-meter aperture spherical telescope to detect quasar-generated hill regions during the epoch of reionisation – MSc Thesis
Loren Bruns Lya emitters as a probe of galaxy formation and ionization history – PhD Thesis, 2016
Catherine, de Burgh–Day Direct shear mapping : the first technique to measure weak gravitational shear directly – MSc Thesis, 2015
Andrey Sokolov Application of non-equilibrium statistical mechanics to the analysis of problems in financial markets and economy – PhD Thesis, 2014
Nicole Darman Searching for gravitational waves in supernova remnant SNR 1987A using cross-correlation methods – MSc Thesis, 2014
Belinda Nicholson The tilt of the fundamental plane – MSc Thesis, 2013
Andrea Ruff The broad emission line region of quasars and gravitational lensing by early-type galaxies – PhD Thesis, 2012
Tracey Ly The near-infared borad emission lines of active galactic nuclei-how do they vary? – MSc Thesis, 2012
Nicholas Bate Quasar Microlensing – PhD Thesis, 2010
Adrian Melchiori Surveying 1.4 GHz radio continuum using HIPASS: the hipass continuum catalogue – PhD Thesis, 2010
Taissa Danilovich The underlying physics of the Tully-Fisher relation – MSc Thesis, 2010
Lachlan Hislop The extra-galactic distance - Hubble's constantvia a Tip of the Red Giant Branch - calibrated Tully-Fisher relation – MSc Thesis, 2010
Swati Singh The study of spectral variability of quasars – PhD Thesis, 2008
Oiwei (Ivy) Wong Star formation and galaxy evolution of the local universe based on HIPASS – PhD Thesis, 2007
Radio spectra and variability in a complete sample of flat-spectrum sources – MSc Thesis, 2003
Travis Stenborg Planetary lagrange point dynamincs and Trojan asteroid evolution – PhD Thesis, 2006
Meryl Waugh Neutral hydrogen in Fornax and Eridanus: blind basketweaving for beginners – PhD Thesis, 2005
Jamie Stevens Neutral hydrogen in nearby galaxy groups – PhD Thesis, 2005
Randall Wayth The Structure of galaxies and AGN using gravitational lensing – PhD Thesis, 2004
Cathryn Trott Structure of dark matter in galaxies – PhD Thesis, 2004
Emma Ryan–Weber Neutral hydrogen in galaxies and the intergalactic medium – PhD Thesis, 2004
Matt O'Dowd The host galaxies of radio-loud AGN – PhD Thesis, 2003
Martin Meyer Neutral hydrogen in the local universe – PhD Thesis, 2003
Alicia Oshlack The central structure of radio quasars – PhD Thesis, 2002
Virginia Kilborn The large-scale distribution of neutral hydrogen in the local universe – PhD Thesis, 2001
Michael Brown The Panoramic Deep Fields – PhD Thesis, 2001
A search for Kuiper belt objects – MSc Thesis, 1997
Matthew Whiting What made the quasar blush? : emission mechanisms in optically red quasars – PhD Thesis, 2000
Stuart Wyithe Cosmological microlensing – PhD Thesis, 2001
Malte Marquarding Luminosity functions of late-type galaxies – MSc Thesis, 2000
Daniel Mortlock Statistical Gravitational Lensing – PhD Thesis, 1999
Chris Fluke Weak Gravitational Lensing with the Ray Bundle Method : or, who is Ray Bundle and what does he know about the universe? – PhD Thesis, 1999
David Barnes Neutral hydrogen in the nearby universe – PhD Thesis, 1998
Brett Holman Optical-infrared colours of dust-obscured QSOs – MSc Thesis, 1997
Franco Masci Obscuration of quasars by dust and the reddening mechanism in Parkes-quasars – PhD Thesis, 1997
Robert Schmidt The effect of the bar in the gravitational lens system 2237+0305 – PhD Thesis, 1996
“Astronomy has always been a field where big ideas dominate” – Prof. R.L. Webster