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Precision Tests of QED

Recent tests of the theory of Quantum Electrodynamics in medium-Z ions have included hydrogenic and helium-like medium-Z titanium and vanadium. Accelerators, Tokamaks, and other devices are used in these studies.

Tests of Quantum Electrondynamics, QED attempt to measure the Lamb shift in hydrogenic (one-electron) or helium-like (two-electron) transitions. Ions with a few electrons in the inner shells will give X-ray transitions for medium-Z atoms. Small energy shifts of these levels can be predicted by theory and measured experimentally. Tests at the 10-60 part per million level are needed to make critical tests of the QED effects. This field links up to X-ray optics at synchrotrons, and may lead to an exciting new proposal to place an EBIT at the Australian Synchrotron.

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