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We have the world prototype stable (CE-certified) high-frequency 18 kW, 60 keV Rotating Anode source, specifically modified for flexible experiments in Physics. We have a variety of general instrumentation including a state-of-the-art curved crystal spectrometer and a state-of-the-art backgammon detector (developed here with cooperation from NIST). In other areas we continue to develop x-ray optics, based on ARC LIEF and DP ARC grants.

  • High Vacuum systems
  • A variety of specialised medium and soft x-ray sources
  • Monochromation and dispersion devices including Johann spectrometers and double-flat crystal mounts
  • A variety of detectors including X-ray CCD cameras and photographic detection
We have good computer facilities and access to other facilities here such as the microprobe MicroAnalytical Research Centre (MARC) and the Australian Synchrotron.


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