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* A slide show of the apparatus of a nuclear microprobe I use for some of my research
* A slide show introducing the research group at the Microanalytical Research Centre


Review presentations from recent conferences:

* Some papers presented at ICNMTA7, Bordeaux 2000
* Paper presented at the First Vacuum and Surface Sciences Conference of Asia and Australia, September 8 1999
* Review of IBIC applications to mateials analysis with a nuclear microprobe, ICNMTA6, Capetown, 1998
* Opening address to IBA-13: Structural and Electrical Characterisation of Semiconductor Materials Using a Nuclear Microprobe (July 1997)
* Review presentation on materials analysis with a nuclear microprobe at ICNMTA5, Shanghai 1996


Current (and past) research in progress, mainly for the benefit of my collaborators:

* Beam rocking images
* Some ancient Oxford system grid shadow patterns
* Some MULE simulations for the HIAF system
* IBIC images of silicon solar cells


Some downloads of interest to the ion beam anlysis and ion optics communities:

* Download the nuclear elastic scattering cross section data base (36kb)
* Download ion optics software: PRAM and OXTRACE for DOS and linux


If you use any of the images from the presentations, I would be grateful if you would acknowledge the source.

This research work has been supported by grants from the Australian Research Council (ARC) and the University of Melbourne.

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