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C T. Chantler - Recent work of co-investigators

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Collaborators include RP Rassool, Z Barnea, JD Silver, LT Hudson, CQ Tran, MD de Jonge, JA Kimpton, MN Kinnane, JM Laming, D Crosby, E Takacs, A Henins; SP Best, CJ Ryan, J Brugger, BE Etschmann, W Liu, IP Grant, F Wang, J Hester, M Feiters, JJ Rehr, and numerous others

Past collaborators include RD Deslattes, DJ Cookson, BB Dhal, FG Serpa, DD Dietrich and others

Selected research papers of J D Gillaspy

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Selected research papers of Z Barnea

Selected Publications of J D Gillaspy:

Relevant to this work:

1. C.T. Chantler, D. Paterson, L.T. Hudson, F.G. Serpa, J.D. Gillaspy, E. Takacs, "Absolute measurement of the resonance lines in heliumlike vanadium on an electon-beam ion trap," Phys. Rev. A (2000).

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3. Chantler, C. T., Paterson, D., Hudson, L. T., Serpa, F. G., Gillaspy, J. D., and Takacs, E., "Precision X-ray Spectroscopy at the NIST Electron-Beam Ion Trap: Resolution of Major Systematic Error", Physica Scripta, T80, 440 (1999).

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Other publications:

11. Berggren, A. Bard, J. L. Wilbur, J. D. Gillaspy, A. G. Helg, J. J. McClelland, S. L. Rolston, W. D. Phillips, M. Prentiss, and G. M. Whitesides, "Microlithography by Using Neutral Metastable Atoms and Self-Assembled Monolayers", Science, 269, 1255 (1995).

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Selected Publications of Associate Professor Z. Barnea:

1. Wilkins, S.W., Barnea, Z., Creagh, D.C., Davis, T.J., Garrett, R.F., Janky, S., ans Stevenson, A.W. A Multipurpose Vacuum Diffractometer for Operation at the Photon Factory, Acta Cryst. A49, 24 (1993).

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Chris. Chantler,
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